Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the minimum mileage requirement being enforced so strictly now? Can our agency really lose assigned vehicles if we do not achieve these?

MFM is required to ensure that all vehicles are used at least 3,150 miles per quarter as directed by G.S. 143-341.(8).i.7a, or be subject to be returned to MFM. The rules have been on the books for a long time. However, ongoing budget considerations require us to be stricter about enforcement. MFM will make every effort to work with agencies to help them achieve required use standards, but those that cannot and do not qualify for an exemption will be required to turn in vehicles.

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What are the allowable exemptions to retain a state vehicle that does not meet minimum mileage requirements?

Statute allows three specific examples under which an exemption will be considered: (1) The individual's duties are routinely related to public safety. (2) The individual's duties are likely to expose the individual routinely to life threatening situations. (3) An agency can provide a justification for the need of a permanently assigned vehicle because of the unique use of the vehicle. Unique use must include justification as to why reimbursement of an employee for the use of a personal vehicle, use of a temporary vehicle from MFM’s motor pool, or the periodic rental from the state’s term contract is not reasonable.

How does the exemption request process work? How long does an approval last?

Any request for a minimum mileage exemption must be signed by the Agency Head prior to MFM consideration. MFM will review requests weekly. If approved, the exemption will be valid for one year, after which the agency will have to reapply or return the vehicle.

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Who should serve as an Agency Vehicle Coordinator

MFM recognizes that the mission and needs of agencies vary considerably. As such, the Department Head will assign an Agency Vehicle Coordinator (and a secondary approved contact) to best suit the needs of that particular agency. The other job duties of these individuals may vary from one agency to another.

Does an Agency Vehicle Coordinator have the authority to handle vehicle transfers within an agency to ensure minimum mileage requirements are met?

Yes, the Agency Vehicle Coordinator will be authorized by the Department Head to initiate review, make recommendations and manage internal reallocation of vehicles to meet program requirements and achieve better utilization. As always, an Individual or Agency Permanent Assignment of Vehicle, FM-30 form must be completed and submitted to Motor Fleet Management to ensure our records are current and to confirm that this was an authorized agency action. Updated forms should be submitted to MFM within five business days of an internal vehicle transfer.

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Does the Agency Vehicle Coordinator need to submit a separate FM-30 for each agency-assigned vehicle that is reassigned? What if we only need to update a phone number?

Yes, an FM-30 must be submitted per vehicle and within five business days any time an agency vehicle has been reassigned. You cannot submit a “blanket” form to cover multiple vehicle reassignments. If you need to update something that does not change vehicle assignment, such as correcting a phone number, you may do so by contacting Jackie Montgomery at 919-733-6540.

What other tasks will become the responsibility of the Agency Vehicle Coordinator?

The Agency Vehicle Coordinator will be authorized by the Agency Head to:
  • Submit requests for Applications for Permanent Assignment of Passenger Vehicles (FM-30), including verification of drivers license status, and with the additional approval by the Chief Fiscal Officer as an added precaution for budgetary reasons
  • Obtain monthly mileage reports located on the MFM system
  • Ensure monthly mileage reports are submitted from individuals and the agency in a timely manner
  • Ensure return of vehicles in a timely manner when requested by MFM
  • Review quarterly Minimum Mileage Reports

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Where can I find the new forms associated with minimum mileage use requirements?

All MFM reporting forms are posted in the forms section of our website.

We are concerned about high-mileage vehicles breaking down and/or not being replaced when it no longer makes economic sense to invest in repairs. How can we ensure employees that they will have a dependable vehicle to use in conducting state business?

The MFM Repair Shop has been integrally involved in the development and implementation of the new protocols and is keenly aware of the importance of keeping the fleet running safely. We will make every effort to manage repair requests and our limited supply of exchange vehicles; but it is possible that an exchange vehicle from the state fleet will not be available. Other options to consider include short-term rental from the state Vehicle Rental contract or use of a personal vehicle.

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Who can I talk to at Motor Fleet Management about minimum mileage requirement concerns that are specific to our agency’s assigned vehicles?

To ensure consistency and clarity of responses, please contact either Vehicle Assignment Manager Jackie Montgomery; Assistant Director/Garage Manager Ron Allison, or Director Bill Buchanan. The MFM phone number is 919-733-6540. Inquiries also may be submitted via email to

I heard that Motor Fleet Management was closing, is this true?

No, Effective January 15, 2016, the central Motor Pool was closed. This was the temporary vehicle rental service and is different from the permanent vehicle assignment section.

How does this affect permanent vehicles assigned to me?

The Motor Pool closing does not affect permanent assignment.

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Who can I contact regarding the Motor Pool closing?

You may call our office at 919-733-6540 and speak with someone in the Director’s Suite.

I have a need for a temporary or short term vehicle rental, what are my options?

You can choose to use your personal vehicle and see a mileage reimbursement. The state has also entered into contracts with Enterprise and Hertz to provide short term rental services. This information can be found here: For specialty vehicles, such as handicap vans, Motor Fleet may be able to assist you. Please call our office at 919-733-6540

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Will I have to pay for fuel separately when using Enterprise or Hertz?

Yes, if you are a frequent traveler, you may want to consider setting up a fuel card account. Information on fuel card accounts can be found here:

What information do I needs to have to obtain a rental vehicle?

The information will be different for each company. For Hertz – Please use the Customer Discount Program (CDP) Number 2086910 when making reservations. When using Enterprise/National – Please use this Account Number XZ53666 when making reservations and paying with a credit card.

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